We are a French unisex ready-to-wear brand;

Did you know?

Serendipity or the "happy accident" phenomenon. English term meaning "finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for."

The fusion of our two symbols, ALTER and EGO hints at a heart split by the lightning. Whether as a couple, with friends or siblings, Serendipity Paris is infinitely variable and can be combined to give way to a love without borders. More than just clothes, these are messages to wear, to proclaim and to share.

More than a brand, a state of mind. Serendipity Paris can be worn alone or with others and can be combined in infinite ways: with your loved one, with family or with friends.

Each creation is a message to carry, to proclaim or to share!

Our collections receive special attention and are made with the utmost care in our partner workshops in France and Europe.

Aimed at all lovers of life, adventurers of love, lovers of beautiful things. Serendipity Paris is for fans of beautiful materials. Concerned about our ecological footprint, we use organic cotton and recycled polyester.

It is important to us to produce in short circuit and to promote French know-how.

With our capsule Upcycling collection, we are bringing military clothing back to life in one of our Parisian workshops. Each piece is redesigned and shaped by hand: Make Mode, Not War !

Our creations aim to strengthen the bonds that unite us whatever the distances, to be shared, offered or to bring us together.

And for the rest, what Serendipity can't do, happy coincidence finishes it off...